Vysotsk LNG Project

Location: North Coast of the Gulf of Finland, near the Port of Vysotsk

Work Scope: Full EPC Contract for phase 3

Client: Cryogas-Vysotsk Ltd./CryoGas


  • Phase 1: Port Infrastructure
  • Phase 2: Connecting Natural Gas Pipeline 40 km
  • Phase 3: Gas Liquefaction LNG Terminal


LNG 660 KTAUnits
  •  Gas Pre-Treatment
  • Gas Liquefaction
LNG Storage Tank
LNG Loading System

General information

Terminal for production and unloading of liquefied natural gas in port Vysotsk of Leningrad area is an integrated project for production, storage and shipment of LNG to the users. The project provides for construction of the plant for production of LNG with a capacity of 660 thousand tonnes at resources base of main gas pipeline “Leningrad-Vyborg-State border” consisting of two process lines with a capacity up to 40 tonnes of LNG per hour each. Technological process is based on specific technology of gas liquefaction on the basis of use of multicomponent mixed refrigerant which represents a combination of different hydrocarbons with different evaporation temperature which ensures full and efficient preliminary cooling and further liquefaction of natural gas. Within the framework of project implementation transportation infrastructure for shipment of LNG for export is created consisting of the zone of unloading to sea transport with jetty in the port and area of unloading to automobile transport. Advanced technologies and modern developments are used in implementation of the project (first of all of domestic manufacture), ensuring minimum environmental impact.


Highly qualified foreign and Russian specialists and equipment manufactories are involved in implementation of the project. Modular strategy of works implementation on construction site allows to significantly save funds and carry out construction of LNG facilities within the shortest possible time. At the plant-manufacturer modules are preliminarily completed with equipment and bound by steel structure allowing to transport and install them on construction site. On construction site modules are installed, connected and hooked-up. Inspite of the fact that schedules of modules manufacture are increased, however installation of completed modules on earlier prepared foundations and bases allows to reduce the terms of fulfillment of constraction works.

Russian-foreign integration of builders used in the course of construction allows to combine successful foreign experience on construction of similar projects with compliance with tough requirements of Russian legislation in the part of construction of gas processing facilities. At present the company has its own mobile pre-fabricated modular buildings and facilities for organization of construction offices, accommodation and catering facilities of its staff and involved employees allowing to expedite the term of mobilization during construction of any facilities with independent geographical location.

Qualification based selection

Selection of suppliers of goods and services is carried out on a competitive basis in compliance with ethical norms and in accordance with requirements of the procedures and compliance with confidentiality conditions.

The Company uses two-staged competitive procedure:

1) Pre-qualification and assessment of capabilities of potential subcontractors – competence, reputation and financial standing of bidders shall allow to implement the works and render services with high level of quality and within the design schedule;
2) Technical and commercial evaluation of bids with mandatory bargaining procedure.

Such approach allows to ensure selection of the best supplier of goods and services optimizing the term of competitive procedure.


Highly qualified English-speaking engineers and specialists with big experience of work in international and Russian companies are involved in Vysotsk LNG project. At present project team consists of 60 people but by the end of 2017 the number of personnel on the project will be increased up to 75 people.

We offer our employees stable salary, voluntary medical insurance, accident insurance. Individual training plan is developed for each employee on the basis of which an employee regularly attends courses, trainings, seminars to improve his qualification. We care about the upgrading and development of our employees.

Project control

Project control is carried out according to Russian and international standards stipulated in the Company procedures.

Project control consists of: costs and budget control, determination of cost estimate, planning, control of risks and methodology, control of contracts and document control. Project control team is headed by DAELIM specialist with twenty years of experience.

Special attention is paid to occupational safety, environmental safety and also risk management.


Risks management team jointly with Project staff identifies, analyzes, plans and controls project risks on a regular basis.

Current Project Status

OMZ-DAELIM, LLC has successfully and in full delivered on its contractual obligations for implementation of the EPC-Project “STAGE III. “Terminal for production and transshipment of liquefied natural gas in Port Vysotsk of Leningrad Region, capacity of 660 thousand tons of LNG per annum”.

Within implementation of this Project, the Company has performed the following works:

  • Development of Design Documents (DD) and Detailed Design Documents (DDD), including the State Expert Review procedure:

               - Federal Fishery Authority;

               - Main Environmental Expert Review;

               - Main State Expert Review.

One of the quality indicators of developed Design Documents (Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 87) is positive opinions received on the first try.

  • Placement of orders and delivery of main process equipment fully completed by OMZ PJSC, Air Liquide, TGE and other manufacturers in a Block-and-Modular Design, specifically:

               - Cold boxes – 2 units;

               - Turbo compressors – 2 units;

               - Gas treatment units (warm processes) – 2 units;

               - Cryogenic equipment and LNG storage tank materials (pumps, control valves, boil-off gas compressors, Automation Control Systems)

               - LNG tanker loading arms;

               - Vessel equipment.

  • Erection and Commissioning of temporary buildings and facilities, including the Temporary Construction Camp and Temporary Construction Village with a capacity of 450 persons;

  • Foundation and concreting of an isometric LNG storage tank with a capacity of 42,000 m3;

  • Designer supervision.

Works 'on a turn-key basis', made by OMZ-DAELIM

  • Engineering

  • Conciliation work

  • Supply of equipment

  • Construction