Deep Conversion Complex, Omsk Oil Refinery

Location: Omsk, Omsk Region

Work Scope: Deep Conversion Complex, Omsk Oil Refinery

Client: JSC Gazpronneft-ONPZ, a subsidiary of JSC Gazprom Neft


  • HCU (Hydro-Cracking Unit)
  • HPU (Hydrogen Production Unit)
  • SRU (Third Train of Sulphur Recovery Unit)
  • ARU (Amine Regeneration Unit)
  • SWS (Sour Water Stripping Unit)
  • Utilities

OMZ-DAELIM LLC is entrusted with a full engineering scope for the project and provides procurement support focused on ensuring supply of equipment and materials required for construction of the complex, and a field supervision service.

Technical solutions used in the project make it possible to produce petroleum products of the highest environmental standard while being committed to the best practices of industrial and ecological safety and minimizing the environmental impact of production operations.

A combination of functionally related processing units of the complex will enable production of high-quality petroleum products converted from heavy residue. Using advanced technologies, the project will combine hydrocracking, hydrogen production and sulfur recovery processes to achieve 99.8% of sulfur recovery efficiency.

Once the project is commissioned, the refinery will increase production of light petroleum products by over 6% (Euro-5 aviation fuel and diesel fuel).

With a planned annual capacity of 2 million tons, the project will add 250 thousand tons in base stock for production of innovative and high-performance lubricants with minimal impurities (Group II and Group III base oils).


Hydrocracking is a cracking process used to convert high-boiling fractions of petroleum crude, heavy naphtha, vacuum gasoil or deasphalted oils into gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel, lubricants and feed stock for catalytic cracking etc.

Works 'on a turn-key basis', made by OMZ-DAELIM

  • Engineering

  • Conciliation work

  • Supply of equipment

  • Construction