The Moscow Refining, Gas & Petrochemicals Week 2017

OMZ-DAELIM’s managers and lead specialists participated in the Oil Refinery, Gas and Petrochemicals Week arranged by Euro Petroleum Consultants, which took place within the period of 18-22 September.

Traditionally, the event welcomed representatives of oil refinery and petrochemical companies, as well as leading licensors, contractors, equipment vendors and advisors to exchange ideas and opinions. Largest regional projects were reviewed in detail, as well as industry development perspectives were generally examined.

Jointly with leading industry representatives, OMZ-DAELIM had an opportunity to participate in the round-table discussions, in the course of which most vitally important issues of the industry were discussed, and to share one’s expertise.

GTCC 2017 Conference welcomed speakers raising issues related to the natural gas processing market development. Basic processing areas for the nearest years will be production of methanol and its further conversion into polyolefins: polyethylene and polypropylene. Contacts with Haldor representatives were established on the sidelines of the conference.

RRTC and PRTC 2017 Conferences were devoted to petrochemical and oil refinery integration, as well as to state-of-the art technologies and innovations in these industries.