Company vision

Strategic goal

Our goal is to become a leading EPC company in Russia over the next 5 years.

  • Extend presence in the EPC-market and increase profitability, drive profitable growth for all our stakeholders
  • Develop new business areas
  • Increase gradually the share of Russian companies in the national and foreign markets
  • Involve international investments and technologies required for Russia, promote competition
  • Build professional and motivated team united by common corporate values

Decency & Client-Focused Value

  • Trust and respect in Partnership
  • Maximum attention to the client’s interests

Responsibility towards

  • Clients
  • Founders
  • Investors


  • Professionalism and continuous training
  • Incentive to reveal creativity and personal growth in the supportive business environment
  • Ethics and teamwork
  • Hospitable work environment

Safety & Environmental Preservation

  • Health & safety of our employees, clients and the Society
  • Environmentally friendly technology when implementing projects
  • Eco-friendly management


  • Driving profitable growth for all stakeholder groups – clients, employees, shareholders – through capital efficiency
  • Sustainable economic growth