OMZ-DAELIM operates in such business areas as oil&gas refining, petrochemicals, power energy, civil construction and infrastructure projects in Russia. The Company follows a modern trend actively launching EPC and EPCM contracts, i.e. “turn-key” contracts, into the Russian economy.

OMZ-DAELIM founders' experience and capabilities let the company successfully work on EPC-projects of any complexity -from design, procurement and construction to commissioning. Besides, the Company performs audit inspections of investment and construction projects.

EPC contract benefits for the client are as follows:

  • Project fixed value and deadline
  • The "one window" principle significantly simplifies the construction management. Regulation of the participants’ operations in the construction chain is completely transferred from the client to the contractor, and all the client’s issues are discussed only with the general contractor during the construction.

Procurement activities are one of the most important components of efficient implementation of any project. Within the framework of procurement activities, it is required to find and purchase services, works or goods usually by means of competitive procedures. The final objective ensuring success of procurement activities is usually confidence in the fact that the Client purchases services, works or goods at the best price, taking into account the quality, quantity, deadline and location requirements.

The following stages are usually included into the procurement activities:

- identification of need and analysis of procurement requirements

- analysis of the current market

- analysis of the cost of procurement and possession, procurement decision

- identification of potential vendors, including analysis of the available list of qualified suppliers, the available marketing information

- if required (depending on the project and Client’s requirements), signing of confidentiality agreements after preliminary consideration with potential suppliers

- relationship with potential suppliers, qualification and bidding procedures. Various methods of determination of the best bid, requests for proposals, bidding procedures (including electronic trading platforms, depending on the project requirements) can be used, agreements for strategic cooperation.

- final discussions and contracting

- logistics support, quality and schedule control. Apart from the work on products quality control plans, logistics schemes, support of supply, information on the quality of fulfillment by the supplier of its contractual obligations is collected and analyzed within the framework of the task.

During implementation of EPC projects in OMZ-DAELIM, procurement activities are implemented by an experienced team using synergy of experience accumulated by our constituent companies OMZ and DAELIM related both to the best international practices of procurement chains control and superior knowledge of the Russian industrial equipment market. Thus, our experts have a possibility of continuous exchange of experience, knowledge of the market and technical peculiarities of equipment both foreign and Russian one, which is extremely important for an efficient and timely implementation of projects for our Clients. Accumulated knowledge and work experience allow tailoring of an available methodological basis of work for each of the projects quickly and with high quality, achievement of best performances. Within the framework of implementation of critical and sophisticated projects, our team has gained experience in cooperation both with the leading world processing companies and with Russian manufacturers, which results in proven and efficient decisions to be found.