OMZ-DAELIM operates in such business areas as oil&gas refining, petrochemicals, power energy, civil construction and infrastructure projects in Russia. The Company follows a modern trend actively launching EPC and EPCM contracts, i.e. “turn-key” contracts, into the Russian economy.

OMZ-DAELIM founders' experience and capabilities let the company successfully work on EPC-projects of any complexity -from design, procurement and construction to commissioning. Besides, the Company performs audit inspections of investment and construction projects.

EPC contract benefits for the client are as follows:

  • Project fixed value and deadline
  • The "one window" principle significantly simplifies the construction management. Regulation of the participants’ operations in the construction chain is completely transferred from the client to the contractor, and all the client’s issues are discussed only with the general contractor during the construction.

Depending on the Client’s requirements, OMZ-DAELIM carries out construction using two basic approaches, according to the models “C” – Construction and “CM” – construction management. Selection of an applicable project implementation model depends on a number of factors starting from the Client’s available competencies to the Client’s intentions and needs, i.e. understanding of its benefits and perspectives in distribution of responsibility and risks among the project participants.

OMZ-DAELIM projects use state-of-the-art methods of construction and installation works. Use of the best world practices in combination with a strict control of compliance with all the Russian standards and regulations allows OMZ-DAELIM to significantly improve the quality of construction. The Company invests considerable resources into development and introduction of highly integrated construction automation tools, which noticeably increases the efficiency of each stage of construction from planning to commissioning of the facility.

Available best software for real-time visualization, control and accounting of materials and equipment, of implementation of welding and other works, of submission of documentation used by OMZ-DAELIM ensure unconditional compliance with constructability, and also ensures the maximum automation of a number of working processes.

OMZ-DAELIM is a member of the self-regulating organization “Alliance of Builders” and has access to implementation of any types of works, which have an impact on the safety of capital construction facilities, including highly hazardous facilities. The Company is capable of concluding contracts for organization of works (general contract), the cost of which for one contract is 10 bln. rubles and may be more.

The Company’s quality control system is certified for compliance with Standard ISO 9001. The periodical revision of the quality program, continuous monitoring of updating of the current quality regulations, requirements and legislation make it possible to keep all the construction quality aspects up-to-date.

OMZ-DAELIM pays special attention to qualification of its specialists. Training, improvement of qualification, various qualification appraisals and exchange of experience by the Company’s specialists with foreign specialists are carried out on a regular basis. The impact of combining the best world standards with the Russian requirements for qualification of specialists reveals significant improvement of the construction quality.

OMZ-DAELIM respects and understands the Client’s requirements in an unconditional fulfillment by the Contractor of its obligations. Depending on the Client’s requirements and having wide capabilities, the Company provides the Clients with striking guarantees of the reliable too-big-to-fail bank and parent companies, starting from reimbursement of advance payment to the warranty period of construction, which is after the facility is commissioned.

In order to ensure commissioning of the facility under construction with proper quality, OMZ-DAELIM performs an interconnected complex of activities and production processes:

·         Organization of construction

From planning of resources mobilization, coordination of activities of all technological processes to absolute completion of works.

·         Independent construction control

Organization and performance of independent construction control in accordance with the best world practices, with strict control of compliance with the Russian norms and standards.

·         Control of materials and equipment

Management of movement of materials and equipment using integrated information systems.

·         Organization and control of compliance with the occupational, industrial and environmental safety requirements.

The main peculiarity is a successful combination of best world practices ensuring minimization of accidents, incentive programs and strict Russian regulations.

·         Progress administration and control

Measurement, analytics and control of progress using integrated information systems. Reporting at different levels.

·         Organization of start-up works

From preparation of start-up procedures and programs, coordination of all process participants to facility commissioning.

·         Organization of construction document control

From preparation, maintenance and updating to direct handover for operation using modern document transfer systems.